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General Dentistry

At the Old Orchard Dental Practice, we offer a wide range of General Dental treatments.

Including Tooth Restoration, Tooth Replacement and Emergency Treatment

Tooth Restoration

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Restoration will be required if teeth have deteriorated due to tooth decay, excessive wear or trauma. These treatments may include:

Modern fillings are designed with composite resin material which will blend in with the remaining tooth structure. Traditional amalgam metal fillings are still available and can be used as an alternative in some circumstances.

If there is greater damage to the tooth there may be a need to decontaminate the whole tooth including the roots and place an anti-bacterial filling material into the root canals.

Extensively damaged or decayed teeth may require a crown or on-lay and which is also generally the final step after a root canal to seal and protect the tooth. We prefer to use all ceramic laboratory made restorations which fit over the prepared teeth but your dentist will discuss the options with you.

Tooth Replacement

Healthy teeth

There are a variety of options if you have lost all or some of your teeth, to restore function and improve your smile.

Spaces left by missing teeth can be effectively restored by dental bridges. Resin retained bridges are an excellent way to provide a restoration fixing into the mouth with no or very little drilling of the supporting teeth. Conventional bridges are often also a good choice if the supporting teeth have been previously filled or crowned.

Complete and partial dentures are an effective way to replace many teeth with one treatment. They are made from materials that mimic teeth and gums and can give you a natural appearance.

Titanium implants are another option to replace one or many missing teeth. We do not currently offer implant placement at our practice but we will offer you advice and can refer you to a trusted colleague.

Emergency Treatment

We are always very keen to treat patients with dental emergencies as quickly as possible.

If you call us on 0131 663 8800 as soon as possible after 8.30am, Monday to Friday, we can offer you an appointment that same day. We prioritise our existing patients but we can also offer you an appointment if you are not registered.

If you need help outside of our working hours call the Chalmers Dental Centre on 0131 536 4800